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Discover modern recipes and Croatian cuisine inspired by traditional ingredients from local family farms. 

Located in the very heart of the campsite, the Lopari restaurant is nestled amid indigenous Mediterranean vegetation and a forest. This makes the spacious, newly renovated terrace the perfect spot for breakfast and lunch, as well as for a family or romantic dinner.

In collaboration with renowned Croatian chefs, we have curated modern dishes inspired by Croatian recipes and traditional ingredients. Each dish owes its exquisite taste to exclusively locally sourced produce from Croatian family farms.

Spoil yourself with specialties such as the traditionally prepared Adriatic octopus, fresh Kvarner prawns, or the succulent and aromatic Cres lamb. Pizzas with authentic ingredients or burgers made from the unique Black Slavonian pork and Angus beef from the pastures of Kordun are just a few of the specialties served in our restaurant.

Our signature desserts will sweeten your meal. The creativity behind these desserts ensures that you round off every meal with the perfect treat.

With our breakfast and half-board options, you don’t have to worry about meal preparation and can enjoy your holiday unperturbed.

Along with lunch and dinner, you can enjoy an extensive assortment of craft beer and Croatian wines from various regions, such as local Lošinj producers and winemakers from Kvarner, Istria, Dalmatia and Slavonia.

Your pets are also welcome on the restaurant’s terrace.

The relaxed atmosphere of the Lopari restaurant, the sounds of the sea and the scent of the pine forest, coupled with our culinary offer and the good company you keep are a good combination for creating unforgettable memories.

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