Rules of the LOSINIAlity


The LOSINIAlity Loyalty Program is intended for guests of accommodation facilities, shops and marinas owned by the company Lošinjska Plovidba - Turizam d.o.o., Lošinjskih brodograditelja 47, Mali Lošinj, PIN: 63465435060, which is also the owner of the Loyalty Program.

The purpose of the Loyalty Program is to enable its members to use the benefits described below. Members who join the Loyalty Program declare that they have read and understood the terms of these Rules and that they accept them in their entirety.

List of Losinia facilities participating in the Loyalty Program:

Lopari Camping Resort **** (pitches, mobile homes, apartments Lopari)
Rapoća Camping Village *** (pitches, mobile homes, apartments Dolac)
Villa Catania *** (apartments)


To qualify for the LOSINIAlity Loyalty program members must be over 18, they must sign the application form and accept the terms and conditions of the program. In this way, they acquire the right to all benefits from the program.
Clients wishing to participate in the program apply to the program by filling in the application form available at the camp’s reception or via the Losinia website. After completing the application, members receive a card with the membership identification number.


The card is a member’s personal property. It may not be borrowed, transferred or sold. Each card contains a unique identification number.Losiniality card
The card is not a means of payment and does not oblige the user to purchase.
In order to use the benefits of the program, members must submit their membership card when paying in all Losinia objects listed in Article 1.

Members can use their card only for booking their own accommodation or accommodation for friends and family only if they are staying with them in the booked accommodation.
The loss of the card must be reported to the company Lošinjska Plovidba - Turizam by sending an email to [email protected]


Benefits from the program will be achieved by collecting points that will be replaced by a bonus amount denominated in euro when visiting Losinia facilities.

Points are collected at each purchase and payment for accommodation and trade services in the facilities of the company Lošinjska Plovidba - Turizam, with the presentation of the membership card.

For reservations and realized stays booked via a partner agency or any third party, as well as for the flat-rate contracts for plots in the camps, no bonus points are awarded.
Points cannot be collected or the bonus amount denominated in euro used for the payment of tourist fees.

The points earned do not have a cash value and cannot be exchanged for cash.
The purchase amount is converted into points according to the credit system consisting of basic and additional points.
For basic points, 1 prize point is awarded for every 0,66 euro spent.

Additional points are awarded by the owner of the program to the member for: membership in the program as welcome points, for a recommendation to friends and family. For everything listed, points are awarded as indicated in the table below.

Extra points
Joining the program (welcome) 200 points
Recommendation to friends and family 1000 points

Points can be collected when using other membership cards e.g. ADAC, ACSI, ADAC SPAR CARD or any other camper’s association card, as well as National Automobile Club (HAK, etc.) used for discounts and benefits (the amount spent is included in the total amount).

Acquired and collected points are converted into a bonus amount denominated in euro that can be used for the next payment of services, by deducting the bonus from the total amount of the invoice in any accommodation, hotel or commercial facility participating in the Loyalty Program.
100 points equal a bonus amount of 1,33 €.

Every time members redeem earned points they are deleted from the card. Members can continue to collect points during each subsequent purchase and payment of invoice.

Each transaction is awarded with points according to the credit rating scheme (as specified above). Members can only redeem already collected points and bonus amounts denominated in euro.

In case of cancelling a reservation for which prize points have been used, points are not returned.

Points are valid for 18 months from the date of record or last activity. If a member does not make any transactions within 18 months, all previously collected points are deleted from the account without previous notice.


By joining the Loyalty Program LOSINIAlity members freely and explicitly declare that they agree that their personal data are collected and stored by the company Lošinjska Plovidba - Turizam d.o.o., and used for the purpose of identification, as well as communicating and sending special offers and promotional materials, satisfaction surveys by e-mail and notifying members about special offers, news and events, all in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.
By joining the Loyalty Program members consent to receiving the Losinia newsletter.


Members can terminate participation in the Loyalty Program at any time by sending an e-mail to [email protected]. This automatically clears all points and bonus euro amounts and members lose the right to use other benefits of the Program.


The company Lošinjska Plovidba - Turizam d.o.o. may amend these provisions in the future.

Members agree that the program may be changed, in whole or in part, or even terminated at any time and without prior notice. Members will be notified about the new terms of the Program via e-mail.

In case of termination of the Program, members cannot claim damages.

In the case of a dispute between the company Lošinjska Plovidba – Turizam d.o.o. and a member of the Loyalty Program, Croatian law applies. Possible disputes concerning the provisions and the application of these Rules shall be settled first and foremost in agreement and if this is not possible by the competent court in Rijeka.


Members can submit any questions about membership and the status of points or complaints regarding irregularities in the award of points or changes of personal data via e-mail at [email protected].

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