Windsurfing and water sports

Lopari Camping Resort provides the perfect conditions for windsurfing. Moderate winds and the warm sea are suitable for both novice and seasoned windsurfers.

No previous experience is required because our instructors will teach you the basics of windsurfing while having a tonne of fun. Age and skill notwithstanding!

Other than windsurfing, you can also try various other water sports, ranging from basic techniques to advanced lessons or even professional training.

The courses are designed to be both fun and challenging, so that you can spend your time at sea being truly active. You will have at your disposal state-of-the-art equipment and instructors who will help you to actively and efficiently improve your skills in group or individual training sessions.

Swimming lessons and improvement of swimming techniques

Treat your little non-swimmers to an unforgettable summer – “the one when they learned how to swim”.

The programme is primarily aimed at school children in order to provide a fun and safe way for them to grow accustomed to the sea. Training sessions are held in groups with an individual approach.

We have prepared a somewhat more challenging training session for swimmers who want to hone their swimming skills by trying out all swimming styles. 

Kayaking and SUP

Mastering stand up paddle boarding and kayaking techniques is excellent preparation for exploring the secluded coves and beaches of Lošinj. You can rent a SUP or kayak at the campsite or train with us to perfect your SUP skills.

Snorkelling – diving with a mask and snorkel

Take the first step towards diving and underwater exploration with our seasoned instructors. Dive into this adventure!

Where you can find us? In the Surf Beach Village boardsports area, while the meeting point for other activities is the multi-purpose playground.

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