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Bistro Rapoća

Welcome to Bistro Rapoća, located in the beautiful Rapoća Camping Village.

Our kitchen offers you specialties such as excellent pizzas and burgers, prepared with locally sourced Angus beef from the Kordun pastures and black Slavonian pigs.

Bistro Rapoća
Bistro Rapoća


We understand the importance of enjoying meals in the comfort of your own space. Therefore, we provide a "take away" service for our pizzas and burgers. Whether you're busy with activities in the camp or simply want to dine in a relaxed atmosphere under the stars, our food is always within reach.

Furthermore, we would like to highlight that pets are welcome in our bistro. We believe in a family-friendly camp that includes our furry friends, so we invite you to enjoy a meal together with your four-legged companion.

Join us on the terrace and indulge in delicious dishes, including pizzas and burgers. Come and experience our cuisine at Bistro Rapoća, your new favorite place in Rapoća Camping Village. See you soon!

Lošinjska plovidba - Turizam d.o.o.
Lošinjskih brodograditelja 47
Mali Lošinj
Phone: +385 51 750 204 Email: [email protected]

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