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During the summer months, Lošinj Island often hosts a slew of festivals, concerts and cultural events.

For example, music festivals, theatrical plays, art exhibitions and gastro events.

Lošinj is also a popular destination for sports activities, with various sports events being held, such as regattas, bicycle races, tennis tournaments or hiking meetups.

Lošinj boasts a long tradition of regattas, especially in Nerezine. “Pasara” (traditional wooden boat) sailing regattas date back to 1920 and have taken place intermittently to this day. Along with other games at sea, they have been held as part of Augušta, a Nerezine folk festival celebrating the Feast of Our Lady of the Angels (Portijunkula), which later evolved into the Nerezine Summer Games.

The Lošinj Food Festival is held on the island every April and May. During this period, Lošinj restaurants tell the story of their island through flavours, with menus that include dishes inspired by local ingredients and wild herbs.

The Lošinj Sails Around the World festival honours the island’s rich maritime and shipbuilding tradition. In the 19th century, Lošinj was the maritime centre of the Eastern Mediterranean. During the Festival you can truly immerse yourself in the history of Lošinj and learn something about the golden age of seafaring through various concerts, workshops, regattas and the gastro offer.

Nerezinski Muaj is a must-visit festival if you ever find yourself in Lošinj in early May. This old folk custom that celebrates spring, youth and new life has been held in the Nerezine main square for over 200 years on the first Sunday in May.

On Saturday, the night before the celebration, young men from Nerezine gather to decide whose boat they will pull out of the sea and carry it to the main square. According to tradition, the boat belongs to the father of the girl who is supposed to be married first and is placed on a stand next to an oak trunk, which is a symbol of fertility, and is then decorated with various objects and flowers “stolen” from the many Nerezine gardens.

The festival begins on Sunday with the performance of traditional folk dances, after which the girl’s father treats the young men to drinks so they would return his boat to the sea. 

Small and irresistible in its stone garb, the town of Osor genuinely represents the preserved and untouched history that spans over four centuries. The whole town is an open-air museum, with each stone telling its own captivating story and providing a wonderful backdrop for Osor Music Evenings, which take place every summer in July and August at various locations in Osor.

Osor Time Machine is an award-winning project that blends archaeological research with virtual and augmented reality technology. Through eleven different stories and outdoor locations, you can learn more about the past and present of Osor. By walking through Osor, alternating between with VR glasses and reality, you can learn a lot about the history of Osor, while simultaneously enjoying the beautiful nature.

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