Privacy policy

Privacy policy

Lošinjska plovidba-Turizam d.o.o. respects your privacy and undertakes to protect your personal information. The collecting and keeping of data is carried out in accordance with the provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act.

We ask you for the following information, which are protected:

      •  name and surname
      •  address
      •  email address
      •  telephone and / or fax number
      •  other information you specify, and note that you want to remain confidential.

      You can unsubscribe from our mailing list at any time with an explicit statement, after which Lošinjska plovidba-Turizam d.o.o. will not use your data for promotion purposes. In that case, Lošinjska plovidba-Turizam d.o.o. can only use it for its own internal purposes, e.g. for the purpose of IT statistical data processing.

       All the data we receive from you is used for:

      •  the most effective answer to your inquiry
      •  providing the required service
      •  promotion of our services (newsletter)
      •  our internal statistical data processing
      •  possibility of sending brochures and other promotional materials

      We will only use the collected data for these purposes. By submitting your personal data you give your consent to Lošinjska plovidba-Turizam d.o.o. to contact you for these purposes. In case you do not want us to contact you, you are obliged to notify us in writing.

      We can use your contact information to improve our service and make your vacation more enjoyable by letting you know about forgotten items, mail you may have received after you left...

      At the time of submitting your information, you agree that we contact you and include you in our mailing list. The moment you are included in our list represents your explicit consent to being contacted. The protection of the privacy of your data is permanent, and you may remove your name from our mailing list at any time. After that, we will no longer use your data except for internal purposes, for example, for IT or statistical processing.

      We will not sell or rent your email address and other information or place it at the disposal of third parties outside our company without your consent, as this is contrary to our privacy policy.

      Lošinjska plovidba-Turizam d.o.o. is not responsible for accidental errors or errors due to force majeure, or other objective circumstances which could accidentally violate the guaranteed protection of your data, but it guarantees that the error will be corrected, if possible, as soon as possible.

      Lošinjska plovidba-Turizam d.o.o. advises parents and guardians to instruct children about safe and responsible treatment of personal information on the Internet.

      We do not provide third parties with any personal information without the prior permission of their parents.

      Personal information about the child and parents is deleted from our database in case the parents request us to do so. As a parent or guardian you always have the right to request access to any personal information about your child that we receive on one of our web pages, you may request the deletion of data (if this information is still in our database) and / or forbid future collection and use of your child's information. If you are a parent and want to exercise this right, let us know.

      You can contact us at any time to review your personal information, as well as to update, correct or delete your data. Until that time, we will use your old data for the mentioned purposes.

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