A favourite island of nature enthusiasts and outdoorsy types offers many opportunities to stretch your legs and go for a walk in the countryside.

We will mention two of the best ones.

Mountain Osoršćica is crisscrossed with hiking trails, starting just across the entrance to the camp. Depending on which trail you choose, you can reach the Televrin peak and get the stamp that proves the feat, see the stone chapel of St. Nicholas, or find refreshment in the tavern occupying the site of the former military outpost that once guarded these waters. All three landmarks will reward your efforts with a spectacular panoramic view.

 Perched on a cliff, 400 meters above the sea, small, desolated and beautiful village of Lubenice is a landmark in its own right. According to the legend, its name (which could be translated into English as “lovers”) is a tragic testament to forbidden love, as two lovers decided to jump off the cliff into their deaths, rather than be apart.

After enjoying a stroll through the village and the view of the surroundings, take a walk, descending from Lubenice to one of the most beautiful secluded beaches on the island. Be careful to not get sunburned while enjoying it though, as you will need to reserve a bit of strength for the one-hour hike back to your vehicle. Still, this day trip is absolutely worth it.

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