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Over 4,000 years old, tiny and beautiful in its stone-clad serenity, Osor is history preserved. The entire town is an open-air museum, with every cobblestone telling its wondrous story.

The Church of the Assumption of Mary embodies the centuries-long spiritual tradition of the region. Discover works of art such as the grave of St. Gaudentius, paintings by historical and contemporary masters and the exquisite baroque altar.

Osor Musical Evenings

During the high season, the Osor’s church hosts Osor Musical Evenings — a great opportunity to enjoy classical concerts in a stunning setting. Musical Evenings take place in July and August, with performances by renowned Croatian and international musicians. A special occasion is the opening open-air concert in the main Osor square, well worth experiencing if your travelling schedule allows it.


The focal point of this old, traditional fishing village is its harbour. Take a stroll around it to reach the main square with its cafés, ice cream shops, and souvenir stands.

Nerezinski Muaj

If you happen to visit Lošinj at the beginning of May, visit the main Nerezine square and witness a bit of history and folklore. A celebration of spring, youth and rebirth, and a beautiful, traditional courting ritual that has been around in these parts of the world for over 200 years — Nerezinski Muaj.

The scene is set: the boat belonging to the most beautiful girl chosen by Nerezine menfolk is placed in the centre of the square and surrounded by flowers “stolen” from the gardens of Nerezine bachelorettes. The main square thus represents a garden into which visitors come to celebrate.

Beginning after the Holy Mass, everyone will gather at the square, dance troupes will perform traditional folk dances, after which the father of the chosen girl will offer a round of drinks to the boys so that they would return his boat to the sea.

Traditional sailboats regatta

An event held in September celebrates the rich Lošinj sailing and shipbuilding heritage. It is a part of the renowned “Sails of Lošinj around the world” festival. A great chance to see some top-notch sailing as well as taste delicious traditional dishes, attend an open-air concert and experience the festive atmosphere.

Mali Lošinj

A true island hub with a lively choice of venues. Replenish your stores in the supermarkets and bakeries, visit a fish market for some freshly caught seafood or a farmer’s market selling locally grown produce. Enjoy traditional island cuisine at one of the town restaurants, stroll around the waterfront and enjoy a favourite refreshment on one of the café terraces dotting it.

Museum of Apoxyomenos

Homage to the most famous bronze-cast inhabitant of the archipelago — the Apoxyomenos. Found in 1996 at the seabed off the coast of Lošinj, the statue depicting an ancient athlete cleaning up after the competition, slipped from a merchant ship sometime in the first century BC. Visit the modern museum in the town of Mali Lošinj and find out more about its ancient origins, tumultuous journey, and the exciting role it plays in our understanding of the history of this part of the world.

Providenca promontory

Don’t miss out on a chance to gaze upon the Apsyrtides from this perfectly placed lookout. A panoramic view of the lush islands and the azure waters of the Adriatic is glorious to behold.

The Lošinj Aromatic Garden

The sweetest smelling spot on Lošinj showcases the diversity and glory of the island flora. Medicinal or decorative, local or exotic, you will find a dizzying variety of plant species in the garden.

Transport yourself briefly to this enchanting zen-like locale, immerse yourself in the atmosphere and find enjoyment for all the senses.

Lošinj Museum

Even though its founding dates back to 1955, the current Lošinj Museum opened its doors in 2007. By choosing to stay at one of the apartments of Villa Catania, you will be next door to one of its 3 locations - the beautiful Fritzi Palace, built in the second half of the 19th century.

The Palace houses gallery exhibitions that include a collection of photographs of Lošinj at the turn of the 20th century, the ancient figurine known as the Lady from Čikat, as well as two permanent collections: the Piperata Collection of Old Masters and the Collection of Andro Vid Mihičić. There is no better way to delve into the exciting and beautiful, historic Lošinj art.

Veli Lošinj

Charming town beckons with its genuinely relaxed atmosphere, a maze of narrow cobbled streets and a lovely waterfront. Perfect for spending a couple of hours relaxing or for a visit to one of the nearby beaches.

Kula museumVeli Lošinj

The Lošinj Museum displays its exhibits in three different locations — Fritzi Palace in Mali Lošinj, Archaeological Collection in Osor and Kula in Veli Lošinj.

The watchtower or Kula in Croatian was built in the 15th century and its purpose was to safeguard the city and its residents from then very common pirate attacks. Restored at the beginning of the 21st century, Kula is an exhibit in itself, as well as a home to a permanent exhibition showcasing the history of Lošinj from ancient times until today.

Dolphin watching

Lošinj archipelago is a natural reserve of bottlenose dolphins so it would be a shame not to witness these majestic and very intelligent creatures up close.

The Lošinj community currently numbers 200 dolphins and the researchers and skippers that will guide your trip know everything about them, including each and every one of their names! They will happily share bits of interesting information during the trip.

The dolphin watching excursion will start with a short introductory lesson. Then we will set out to sea, explore the magnificent Lošinj archipelago and search for dolphins. If we catch them in a frolicky mood, we might hear them greet us, observe them bow-riding and even grace us with a little performance.

After this memorable experience, upon our return, we will visit the Lošinj Marine Education Centre where you can learn even more about these fascinating animals.

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